Beyond organizations

At this level we engage in large scale change and transformation across organizations, in communities, in and across sectors and in society itself. This is what we call the mega level.
Topics we address on the mega level include:

Most of our programs can be tailored to take place remotely.

Community BuildingCommunity Building

Supporting communities to tap into their full potential. Building a shared identity, alignment, direction and focus across the community creates the momentum to make future happen.

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Self-Leadership BackboneCommunity Backbone

This is about overcoming the different barriers in the community, building trust among the key players, connecting around a common purpose and creating a strong attractive future outlook that carries the community forward.

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Organizations operate and exist in specific contexts. Here we engage suppliers, clients or even competitors from that context, to work on overcoming complex challenges.

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Today’s crucial challenges are vast and complex. Too often we fail to approach these issues across sectors by engaging the whole system in looking for sustainable solutions

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Conference and Congress Design and FacilitationConference and Congress Design and Facilitation

Transforming conferences and congress designs, from front-end input delivery to engaging dialogue process, by applying co-creation design and methods.

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Transformative Scenario PlanningTransformative Scenario Planning

This is a creative and constructive way for actors from across a whole system to work together to transform it. It is a way to move forward on solving their toughest problems.

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Kijioto Windmills Documentary

Community Backbone McDowell County 2019 McDowell West Virginia US

Co-Creation Kenya National Police Summit 2018 Nairobi Kenya

More Focuses


At this level, we focus on personal growth, and enable people to develop the necessary skills and attitudes to successfully deal with themselves, their situations and the challenges they face.

Teams & Leadership

At this level, we focus on improving the quality of relationships, communication, cooperation and interaction, both inside and between groups and teams.


Here we focus on bigger organizational units or the whole organization. We work on topics such as: organizational development, alignment, culture, vision, strategy and more.