Virtual Y-III programmes

The Covid-19 pandemic catapulted us as well as our clients – into a world of intensive remote working that was unexpected and new to us all. But despite the fact that everybody is doing quite well working from home, there is one important element missing from the interaction between colleagues: human bonding and deeper personal exchange. It is this emotive gap between face-to-face interactions and remote collaboration that, we bridge with our virtual Y-III programmes.
We are proud to say that our virtual Y-III programme designs are unique in the way they allow, almost force participants into distinctive, vibrant personal dialogues that are not easy to experience in virtual encounters. They leave next to no room for online fatigue.

Bonding Y-III

Reshaping personal, vibrant human contact while working remotely

This is designed to help participants overcome isolation and lack of personal contact, and to enter into a deep, vibrant human exchange with their colleagues. Colleagues from the same team (or neighbouring teams) gather in a remote encounter and dive into a deep dialogue centred around a pre-defined topic that is relevant to the organisation and to each of them. Jointly, they explore the best way to tackle it.

Challenge Y-III​

An authentic guided breakthrough to one’s own business challenge

This remote programme is designed to bring together colleagues from across the organisation, and help each of them fine tune their individual adaptive business challenges, then jointly work on advancing them, using each other as resources. The programme offers options for working on each individual’s challenges, while helping strengthen the bonds between colleagues and overcoming the isolation caused by remote working.

The Y-III programmes can be run in two ways

  1. With participants who come from different organisational teams and backgrounds. Experiencing Y-III together is a powerful way to of overcoming silo thinking, enable cross-organisational networking and foster new ways of collaboration.
  2. With members of one team that mainly works remotely. The team works together all through the programme, strengthening its bonds and the collaboration within it, while making progress on team-relevant topics and challenges.

The basic structure of Y-III is a Sprint

The content, the direction, and the topics of a Y-III can vary, but the structure works like this:
Each Sprint follows 3 steps:

  1. Individual Preparation
    Processing of topics, supported by the catalyst’s guidance and input (approx. 30 min).
  2. Y-III approach
    The actual Y-III in the narrower sense. This is a trio working format (approx. 75 min).
  3. Sharing insights and results in plenary
    Results of the Y-III working sessions are shared in plenary. Reflections and best practices are exchanged (approx. 15 min).
    A Y-III Sprint lasts around 2.5 to 3 hours in total.


Y-III Process Experience

Bonding Y-III

Building personal, deep human contact while working remotely

Working from home is easier than we all thought, but there remains one major shortcoming: a lack of personal, human contact and interpersonal exchange. Feelings of loneliness, isolation, a lack of aliveness, and the absence of real personal contact all become increasingly difficult to ignore and come to the foreground.

The Bonding Y-III programme was developed with a focus on bridging this gap. Colleagues from one or more remote working teams come together. The programme draws them into a deep, vibrant human exchange that normally does not take place in the virtual space, and gives participants the space to engage in a personal, deep human contact even when working remotely.

Key elements of the Bonding Y-III programme

  • Participants collectively explore ways to overcome individual or team challenges, and find solutions to handle them effectively. The process design generates true connections and a feeling of mutual support.
  • Bringing colleagues together remotely from their home offices, through a process that enables them to share, listen, explore, and find ways to tackle their current challenges, brings the team closer. The isolation, separateness and disconnectedness that each member is currently experiencing is overcome and new bonding, empathy and a closer rapport is set free.
  • The programme helps the common ground behind individual challenges to become visible and tangible. Participants realise that they are not alone with their issues, and this makes it easier for them to navigate through tough situations and to increase their resilience.

A Bonding Y-III consists of 2 Sprints

Here are two common examples of Bonding Y-III:

A team reviews its current way of remote working, and examines how to increase the remote team’s effectiveness:

  1. Clarification of the current remote team situation.
  2. How to become more effective as a team under given circumstances.

Participants process and exchange how they are individually and collectively confronting the Covid situation:

  1. Processing how the Covid situation is affecting.
  2. What business challenges do we need to deal with because of Covid?

The Bonding Y-III Programme explained

This presentation gives an overview of the Bonding Y-III Programme.

Bonding Y-III Experience

Challenge Y-III

Collectively co-creating solutions to individual adaptive challenges while engaging deeply with others

The Challenge Y-III programme is designed to:

  • bring individuals from across an organisation together.
  • guide them into profound group dialogue processes
  • in which they work together on finding solutions to manage tough personal adaptive challenges.

Key elements of the Challenge Y-III programme:

  • Each participant brings their individual adaptive business challenge to the programme. The group jointly searches for ways to handle them This leads to grand Peace of Mind.
  • By bringing together colleagues from different parts of the organisation and working on their challenges, the people in the organisation get closer, silo thinking is overcome and collaboration is fostered. Participants see and really understand the potential and resources lying within their colleagues from across the organisation, and learn to use them.
  • The programme develops organisational problem solving capabilities by strengthening co-workers’ capabilities to cope with complex challenges in life. It enables them to navigate tough situations. Resilience is built in people, teams and the organisation itself.
  • By kindling an Organisational Culture of openness, co-creation and co-operation, the programme cultivates tolerance, open-mindedness and supports the prevention of conflicts.

A Challenge Y-III consists of 2-6 Sprints that follow 2-6 steps of a problem-solving process

2 Sprint Challenge Y-III

  1. Define the challenge
  2. Search for possible actions

4 Sprint Challenge Y-III

  1. Define the challengen
  2. Reality Checkn
  3. Search for possible actionsn
  4. The way forward

6 Sprint Challenge Y-III

  1. Define the challengen
  2. Root cause & effects analysisn
  3. Analyse available resources
  4. Search for possible actionsn
  5. Decide on one option & prepare for obstacles
  6. Prepare implementation

The Challenge Y-III Programme explained

This presentation gives an overview of the Challenge Y-III Programme.

Challenge Y-III Experience
(tough personal adaptive challenge T-PAC)