What we do

With our clients and partners, we co-create solutions to tough challenges. We do so on four levels.


At this level, we focus on personal growth, and enable people to develop the necessary skills and attitudes to successfully deal with themselves, their situations and the challenges they face.

Teams & Leadership

At this level, we focus on improving the quality of relationships, communication, cooperation and interaction, both inside and between groups and teams.


Here we focus on bigger organizational units or the whole organization. We work on topics such as: organizational development, alignment, culture, vision, strategy and more.

Beyond Organizations

At this level we engage in large scale change and transformation across organizations, in communities, in and across sectors and in society itself.

The Wave

Our co-creation expertise and experience, condensed into one book.

Co-creation as we see it is a journey undertaken by people, usually from different fields and back­grounds, who come together to find meaningful and sustainable answers to complex challenges and to work out together how to effectively implement them.
This manual and the set of cards that goes with it are for people who want to engage mindfully in the process of co-creation.

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