Conferences and Congress

Transforming conferences and congress designs, from front-end input delivery to engaging dialogue process, by applying co-creation design and methods

In this area we support conference and congress organizers to overcome the classical front-end input setup of conventional conferences and congresses.
We have a number of co-creative settings that allow conferences and congresses to become interactive and dialogue based. These range from the Think Cells Format, a one hour structured dialogue setting around a specific topic for 10 to 40 people, to large scale co-creation sessions that last one to two days and are for up to 300 people. And of course everything in between.
The focus here lies on how to set up and structure the entire event so that participants can experience the encounters and dialogues that are most valuable to them, connect with each other and move the conference topic forward in a wider or narrower sense. e.g. BASF Nobel Prize Breakfast, ECF & CC Clean Coal conference, BASF 150 Years Conference.

Co-Creation Kenya National Police Summit 2018 Nairobi Kenya