Team Under Stress

Team members learn the essential aspects of their stressors and best practices to be able to build resilience in the face of complexity and times when they may be under pressure.

  • Identify the team’s sources of stress
  • Develop ways of tackling problems and challenges
  • Re-energize the team to improve motivation and collaboration

Team under stress focuses on teams operating in highly stressful, adverse conditions. It is designed to support teams in finding ways to get out of a reactive, responding state and to become proactive.
The team works on how to sustainably de-stress itself. Current sources of stress and pressure are identified within the team and in its context, and ways of how to better deal with them are explored.
The burning challenges that the team is facing are detected, and ways to manage them are explored. Time management as well as prioritization tools are introduced and practiced in order to allow the team members to focus on what is really relevant.
The team’s workload distribution as well as the team members’ roles and responsibilities are revisited. Better ways to allocate them inside and outside the team to improve future collaboration are researched.
Team Focus allows a team to re-energize and deal effectively with the situation it finds itself in.

Team Under Stress