Leading our self is the central prerequisite for leading others. It is knowing our self, building up our focus and developing personal mastery which is the base for effective and successful leadership.

“No leader sets out to be a leader. People set out to lead their lives, expressing themselves fully. When that expression is of value, they become leaders.”
Warren Bennis

Why this name, Self Leadership Backbone?


The program is designed and focuses on you as an individual, on the leader in you. In the words of Warren Bennis:
“Leaders have nothing but themselves to work with… we are our own raw material. Only when we know what we’re made of and what we want to make of it can we begin our lives and we must do it despite an unwitting conspiracy of people and events against us. To become a leader, then, you must become yourself; become the maker of your own life. Know thyself, then, means separating who you are and who you want to be from what the world thinks you are and wants you to be. Until you make your life your own, you’re walking around in borrowed clothes.”
It all starts with you and you alone.


Everyone has the potential to be a leader and to make a difference in life. The question is not “Are you a leader?” the question is “How much of your leadership potential are you currently living?” and “What kind of leader do you want to become?
In this program, you work on strengthening your integrity and authenticity, giving yourself direction, taking ownership and responsibility for your life and making a difference: “What is it that I can bring, give to the world?” “Where do I best use my gifts and time?”


It is the central element of the skeleton. It is the central point from which every major movement of the body originates. A robust and developed backbone is the base for an elegant impact. The elements (vertebras) of a healthy Leadership Backbone are steps to clarify and connect to our own qualities, purpose, values and set a meaningful and mindful direction in life.

What does the Self Leadership Backbone program take us through?

To become the best version of ourselves, we have to seriously invest in learning about our self. This program guides participants step by step through a personal inquiry journey; it is an exploration endeavor.
You will take the time to understand your purpose and vision for the world. “What contribution will you make in this world?”

“You can’t be a leader if you don’t have a definite purpose guiding you through the dark times. Purpose is like a light at the end of a tunnel; a hope that keeps us going.”
Sandeep Kashyap

  • You will discover your unique gifts and talents and learn about where and how to express them.
  • You will work on your core values that will guide you in your authentic actions and decision-making.
  • You will make your math’s concerning: What is the price you need to pay to bring your purpose, values, and ambition to life?

What are the basic elements forming our Self Leadership Backbone?

  • History: Where do we come from?
  • Facts: What are our strengths and weaknesses?
  • Brand: What do we stand for?
  • Purpose: Why are we here? What is it we and only we can bring to this world?
  • Values: What are our constituent values? What values do we need to live to bring our purpose to life?
  • Ambition: Where do we want to go? What is it we want to bring to life?
  • Limiting Believes: How do we hinder ourselves to fully live our purpose, values, and ambition?
  • Pathway: How do we bring the next chapter of our life forth?

Leadership is not something we are born with, it has to be cultivated. Leaders grow and develop. It is about connecting our deeper purpose, our unique strengths and talents with a passion and then create the right focus to make an impact in the world.

Who should attend a Self Leadership Backbone Program?

Anybody who wishes to develop personal focus, direction and clarity in life in order to live his or her full potential. People taking or wanting to take responsibility for themselves and or other persons especially benefit from the Self Leadership Backbone process. For this journey, a mindset of being open, curious and courageous about what you will encounter is needed.

What is the Self Leadership Backbone program?

It is personal quality time of profound contemplation and self-revelation on what is of true importance and deep value to you in your life.
The Self Leadership Backbone process lives from the individual going on a deep discovery journey into him or herself. To uncover, discover what is of true meaning to her/him. Accomplishing this insight and clarity about yourself, you become able to align and direct your life in line with what is truly important for you, the starting point for a meaningful and fulfilled life.