The Self Leadership Backbone enhances organizations to:

1. BUILD ORGANIZATIONAL RESILIENCE by improving the resilience of all the people within it, and therefore its teams and the organization itself.
2. OVERCOME SILO THINKING. Build up and try out the foundations for new ways of cooperating in cross-organizational Enabler Networks.
3. Foster an ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE OF OPENNESS, CO-CREATION & COOPERATION. Since the programme allows participants to experience that they are different yet have very similar issues, it fosters tolerance, open-mindedness, and the prevention of conflicts.
4. EMPLOYEE AND TALENT RETENTION By reflecting on their own deeper values, intentions, and personal meaning, participants are able to match them with their company values and mission and thus draw energy and commitment from them. The bond between the employees and their organization becomes more consolidated.
5. Since the programme concentrates on developing personal focus, direction, empowerment, ownership and commitment, it FREES UP RESOURCES FOR INNOVATION and thus promotes entrepreneurial thinking.

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