The pandemic is clearly revealing the complexity and interconnections of our lives. For us at bridgingpositions, one of the most powerful ways of dealing with complexity and making use of our interconnectedness is to co-create the uncrafted future. One of the steps that we believe essential in a co-creation (a tailor-made, designed and facilitated journey undertaken by diverse people who engage with each other to make progress on a meaningful topic, formulated through a Breakthrough question) is to manage to map a choreography with the relevant stakeholders. Just like in a dance choreography, steps and actions are drawn out so that each person understands the general movements and each individual’s parts of the process. In a Co-creation journey, we define 3-5 macro areas of attention (what we need to focus on today to be successful tomorrow) and we work on them until the more refined actions, the milestones, are defined. These actions/milestones are then arranged chronologically and thematically within the choreography, revealing a clear shared view of the interlinking opportunities of the different projects to all stakeholders. Major stakeholders, all participating in a virtual platform room (e.g. Mural), can now orchestrate diverse actions by enabling more synergies and eliminating redundant ones. Milestones/actions are then assigned to people responsible for breaking them down into a roadmap with their teams. To find out more about Co-creation and Choreography, please have a look at our book The Wave.

The Wave

Our co-creation expertise and experience, condensed into one book.

Co-creation as we see it is a journey undertaken by people, usually from different fields and back­grounds, who come together to find meaningful and sustainable answers to complex challenges and to work out together how to effectively implement them. This manual and the set of cards that goes with it are for people who want to engage mindfully in the process of co-creation. You can find The Wave on your Amazon store: