The Wave

How to innovate our way to a more connected and successful future by working with shared intention and coherent actions?

In today’s incongruous, uncertain and unpredictable world…we at bridgingpositions believe that fostering Co-creation in any kind of system is the best way to answer this question.

Co-creation as a tailored designed journey undertaken by diverse people who engage with each other to progress a certain topic. Co-creation can be experienced in any context in which there is a genuine and meaningful question that someone is really bothered and truly inspired by. Breakthrough questions create movement, involvement and engagement. Fundamental steps of a Co-Creation are: giving shape to a Breakthrough question that has within the aspiration to improve a system; gathering the majors stakeholders (people connected, interested, influenced, and influencing the tangible results and the effect the results will have on people); design and catalyze a journey that brings all stakeholders to explore the unknown space in which is possible to find new answers that until now were not found (by staying in the known and repeating the same old stories).

Collaboration among systems to find answers. It all starts by activating a real meaningful aspiration, that engages the right people, people that can support in finding answers.

In our book the Wave, you can find a brief theory and more than 70 activities that you can use to create your own Co-creation journey.

In the next Posts, we will illustrate some of our best practice of virtual co-creation

Be the change you want to see.

The Wave

Our co-creation expertise and experience, condensed into one book.

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