bridgingpositions together with our client and partner Axis Pension Trust Ltd. held the first Self Leadership Backbone in West Africa. The SLB took place in Accra Ghana and hosted 30 participants from Ghana with various different backgrounds.
What made it especially interesting for us from bridgingpositions to hold the SLB program here, was that we set it up to find out from our participants if going through the program made a positive effect on how they felt responsible and accountable for their context, their communities and for Ghana as a whole.
The feedback and answers we received are very encouraging. Yes, going through the SLB program created a strong awareness and sense of accountability among the participants, on what it is that each one can contribute to the benefit of a larger context.
Seeing, feeling and hearing how everybody immersed him or herself fully into the SLB process, gave a tremendous sensation of blessing and honor to be able to hold and facilitate this program in Ghana.
Special thanks to Afriyie Oware the Chief Executive Officer of Axis Pension Trust, who without much knowledge of bridgingpositions or the Self Leadership Backbone program invested time and resources to make it possible to hold this program in Accra Ghana.