A program designed to navigate through the pandemic

Like just about everyone else in the world, we were not prepared for the completely new and unforeseen situation that Covid-19 thrust upon us. Together with clients and partners, we developed the Corona Pit-Stop program. This enables organizations that are entering uncharted territory to adapt, reinvent themselves, and develop processes and work practices to navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

There are four core areas that organizations work on during the Corona Pit-Stop program. These give them and their employees clarity of direction and help them maintain or regain focus on their actions:

  • Each individual employee: how is s/he coping with the unprecedented situation?
  • The dynamics that arise and develop in groups and teams.
  • The direct impact on the organization’s own business and its clients’ businesses.
  • Changes in the surrounding business context that the organization operates in.

We took into account these insights as well as the constraints imposed on us by Covid-19 and developed our online Corona Pit-Stop. It is designed to include all critical aspects of the prompt action that needs to be taken as soon as possible. In two half-day virtual workshops, organizations assess their situations and become empowered to take appropriately targeted measures.

To see how it works, please have a look at this video:

If the program meets your and your organization’s needs, we look forward to talking to you to explore how it can be applied in your organization.

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