I first met Mike Harris the founder of Kijito Windmills September 2016, on a cross sectorial Leaders’ conference on the future of Kenya looking into the topic of National Kenyan Police Reforms.

When I met him again a year later in November 2017 at a Prayer Breakfast in the Muthaiga in Nairobi, I was even more so fascinated by him. Mike has since then, become a true role model of a senior elder to me. If he at his age can be so open, dedicated, loving despite the many and serious impediments he had and has to face, there is hope for me too.

  • His humbleness and love for humans and for his home country Kenya

    Mike infront of a map with all pumps Kijito put up

  • His resolve to contribute, to improve the life of many Kenyans.
  • His dedication to do the right, based on his strong faith.
  • The warmth and love he radiates engaging with you.

Mike and my wife

Audaciously, I invited my wife and myself to his home, a farm outside Nairobi and also location of Kijito Windmills enterprise. Here is where we were so deeply touched by his life and legacy that we wanted to support him.

Mike is in his early 80ies and apart from the family farm, he build up Kijito Windmills as a social enterprise to bring water in east Africa. As a young man, volunteering as a pilot for Flying Doctors, he learned about diseases originating from lack of water. This led him to develop windmills that pump water from wells. With Kikjito he has improved the life of thousands in rural East Africa.

Today at his advanced age, he would like to pass Kijito on into younger hands that are able to carry on the legacy and bring it to the next level.

This documentary on Mike and Kijito you see here is our aim to help find someone or an organization willing to carry on with Kijito. Are you the one or can help finding one?

Kijito Documentary

30 min: https://youtu.be/JqCZs6vVgK0

Mike & Kijito

Film 100 min: https://youtu.be/9l3hUVlG3-I

Julian Geuder