Team Spark

Everyone on the team gets on board and sparks the best within him or herself, fully engaging with other team members and with the task at hand.

  • Who am I and who are the others?
  • What is our focus?
  • How do we organize ourselves?

Team Spark supports the formation or development of a new team (or of an existing team with new members or a new team leader) and works to bond and shape the team in a sustainable and effective way. Team members get to know each other on a deeper level. They share their personal histories and values and reflect upon their contributions to the team. There is work carried out to define team values and to work out how they translate into behaviours and actions within the team and within the team’s context. The intervention clarifies roles and responsibilities and creates a shared focus regarding how to help the team to evolve and progress. A pathway with milestones for the team is mapped out. Regular communication is established with routines, rituals and meetings. This improves team cooperation and performance and brings out the best in a team.

Team Spark