Navigare nella pandemia

Like just about everyone else in the world, we were not prepared for the completely new and unforeseen situation that Covid-19 thrust upon us. Together with clients and partners, we developed three programs addressing the unforeseen and new challenges of today.
We are proud to say that our virtual programme designs are unique in the way they allow, almost force participants into distinctive, vibrant personal dialogues that are not easy to experience in virtual encounters. They leave next to no room for online fatigue.

Corona Pit-Stop

A program designed to navigate through the pandemic. Enabling organizations to adapt, reinvent themselves, and develop processes and work practices to navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

Y-III Programmes

La pandemia di Covid-19 ha catapultato noi e i nostri clienti in una modalita' di lavoro in remoto molto intensa e inaspettata e sopratutto nuova per tutti noi. Ma nonostante il fatto che tutti siano abbastanza efficienti lavorando da casa, c'è un elemento importante che manca nell'interazione tra colleghi: il legame umano e lo scambio personale più profondo. È questo divario emotivo tra le interazioni vis-à-vis e la collaborazione a distanza che noi colmiamo con i nostri programmi virtuali Y-III.

Bonding Y-III

This programme is designed to help participants overcome isolation and lack of personal contact, and to enter into a deep, vibrant human exchange with their colleagues. Colleagues from the same team (or neighbouring teams) gather in a remote encounter and dive into a deep dialogue centred around a pre-defined topic that is relevant to the organisation and to each of them. Jointly, they explore the best way to tackle it.

Challenge Y-III

This remote programme is designed to bring together colleagues from across the organisation, and help each of them fine tune their individual adaptive business challenges, then jointly work on advancing them, using each other as resources.
The programme offers options for working on each individual’s challenges, while helping strengthen the bonds between colleagues and overcoming the isolation caused by remote working.