This is the interpersonal area, in which we focus on the person and on the growth and development of individuals. It is what we call the micro level.
Topics that we address on the Micro Level:


For us, coaching is about creating a space where people feel safe to explore their current situations in depth, and are able to tackle the challenges that face them. It gently guides people to help them find their own solutions and how to implement them sustainably.

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Catalyst Training

Catalyst training creates transformation capacity inside the organization. The catalyst’s role is to enable, support and coach the whole organization in transforming itself.

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Self-Leadership BackboneSelf-Leadership Backbone

Leading yourself is the central prerequisite for leading others. It centres around knowing yourself, building up your personal focus and developing the personal mastery which is the basis for effective and successful leadership.

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Self-Leadership BackboneManaging own and other Egos (MOAOE)

The MOAOE is a training course on how to deal mindfully and effectively with one’s own and others’ ego-states.

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Our seminars are developed for groups of participants with different organizational backgrounds. They are designed to develop abilities in particular subjects, as well as to improve social skills.

Cultural Diversity

A crucial skill for global leadership is how to master intercultural challenges.

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Leading Growth

Leading Growth is the ability to manage difficult communication situations and to help people combat stress by using their own emotional intelligence.

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Innovation and Creativity Lab

Participants working on their current challenges will learn how to generate new perspectives and innovative solutions for their challenges and how to engage and coordinate with others to implement those solutions elegantly.

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Mastering Change

The focus of this seminar is understanding ‘human dynamics’ in a change context and learning how to constructively support people undergoing change.

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Conflict Management

How can we successfully work through difficult, conflictive situations and build up conflict resilience?

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The Perfect Meeting

How to successfully design, organize, structure and lead effective meetings.

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More Focuses

Teams and groups

At the interpersonal level, we focus on relationships, communication, collaboration and interactions, both between individuals and within and between groups and teams.


Here we focus on bigger organizational units or whole organizations. We work on topics such as organizational alignment, cultures, context, structure, processes, vision, strategy and challenges.

Beyond Organizations

The large scale level: from international organizations to large scale changes at a sector or a society level. We work on topics like communities, sectors, conferences and congresses and societal transformation.